Normal Craziness

Some days are just blahs you get up to your routine, come back home and sleep but even in all this normalness (that’s not a word but it’s my invention) you can find things that perk you up. I do it all the time, be it deliberately staring at a stranger while on my way back home just to make them uncomfortable, or buying a donut and then deciding on getting that chocolate you wanted weeks ago (though I totally forgot eating it), watching a good movie and so on goes the list.

Life is as good as you think of it to be, and then make it to be. In order to get something you need to actually believe and think that you can and you will have it, and even if you don’t start planning for something else, move on, its life after all.

Maybe on one of those normal days you can dream (plan) to meet this real hot guy who asks you out (in your imagination of course) who knows you might . Or you could be having that mouth watering red velvet cake, which reminds me I am craving one. So what I mean is life can be very normal but it’s up to you to make it go crazy normal.

One of the major things anyone needs to be is to be themselves. Be you every single day of your life, for the married lot reading this of course compromising is a big deal in every relationship but talk everything out, talk about each and everything you feel to your partner this way he/she would know what you think, how you think and they would know who you are in all this.

Live every day as you want to obviously also caring about the loved ones around you but make sure that the real you is not lost somewhere, give time to YOU too.

Normal might be good but being crazy is awesome. Trust me on that one.


Thursday, September 26th 2012, 12.15 pm

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