Life and Decisions

Every morning I have to take the metro to work, and I loved how with headphones on the world’s different. I feel myself in each lyric and while looking out the window I imagine locations I might be at singing or dancing to the song. Yes, talk about imagination.

Imagine a world free of worries, imagine a better tomorrow, a better life and then set out to find ways to get that. I believe if everyone does their little bit of being a good human being, this world would be a much peaceful place.

Let’s get down the little personal things. Why plan when you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but then don’t call it a plan call it imagination, yeah or call it a dream. I dreamt of being in Dubai at the back of my head the thought was always there but I never really intended to do it. And here I am coz somewhere along the line it was meant to be. Or maybe because all my life changing decisions are taken in like say 2 minutes, okay maybe I am exaggerating a little, I do think about them a lot and in my head measure the pros and cons but when I actually have to take them, I take them in a blink !

I know I know many of you will be like this is not how you take such huge decisions but I like to think about it this way, that all my decisions are my own and no person living or dead is responsible for them. And that’s why it becomes so easy to take them. I believe unless you don’t jump in how would you know how deep the sea is, okay don’t go about jumping in deep water for real people. It’s just that obviously after weighing the situation and discussing with my brain I take the decision and I make a small promise to myself that I will try my best to swim once I jump, I will give all that I have and that’s how a path is created. Along the journey you learn from your own mistakes, you absorb from the things or people around you. You may hate it, like it or love it, but at the end of it all it was solely your decision and you need to live it with no regrets, okay a wee bit regret but don’t let that get to you.

In fact don’t let anything get to you; create this boundary around you through which only good thoughts can pass. It will take time but it’s not that hard, and no I am not telling you to live in a superficial world where everything’s perfect and people are walking holding hands singing and dancing. Be very much practical about things but don’t let the negatives get to you, even if they do get to you just learn to ignore them- negative thoughts, people, surroundings and so on. If you can’t ignore them then as I said use the boundary it helps definitely does.

So there are many decisions yet to be made, a single yes or no can change your life but have faith in yourself, and in God that everything happens for a reason and no matter what the aftermaths of your decision are, you have it in you to live for the moment, relax and take life as it comes to you.

Ps- I can’t wait to see how long it takes me to say yes or no to a suitable life partner match my mom would find me hahahaha sigh lifeee and the decisions we have to take.


Amna Naseem

Thursday 27th September 2012, 11.45 am

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