Adjusting Times

Today I was sitting and thinking about my first night in Dubai as a resident after 4 years, I was happy that we all were here together at least for a month I had my mom with me. But the moment I entered my room, the very room I had spent my childhood in, my heart sank, two beds were lined up next to each other making it look like a hospital room, the room didn’t call out to me, yet I tried my best on that night to feel at home. I hated my new pillow it was fat, I hated the mattress it was thin. I hated the tea and the milk in it. And I realized I sounded like a whining brat. Even my mom was worried and angry.

Yes, change is hard. Be it in life, in relationship, in job in anything.

Sitting on the super thin mattress, I still hate it by the way; I realize how hard it is to accept change how very mentally it drains you out. It’s the nature of human mind I guess, to highlight everything that’s bad, like people want what they don’t have, and people gossip about what nasty things someone has done. But for once if we try to see the good, your perspective would take a flip, and that’s what I tried doing.

I started adjusting to everything, telling my mind that things will be awesome soon. And three months down the row I learnt the right amount of tea leaves to put to make good tea, my pillow became okay and the mattress well I still have to take care of that. You have to move with the ever changing world; have to update yourself just like one updates their phones, laptops etc. It’s your life and you need to keep blinging it up. I got out of my comfort zone and that was the best thing I did, we all should get out, very often, trust me it will make life easier. I learnt how to adjust to everything and anything that was new.

Party hard, smile a lot, laugh (louddddd) and dance. Meet friends, hang out with people who make you happy, work (coz you need the money) and just chill. And no matter where you are just make the most of each moment!

Ps- the last paragraph is totally inspired by the song Main Sharabi from the movie Cocktail (hahaha do listen to it also listen to the Aziz Mian version for some laughs.)

29th September 2012, Saturday, 2.20 pm

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