Aniticipation <3

At this point in my life I have too much to look forward too, and I would be lying if I say I am not happy, yes happy I am very much and this all happy aura around me has made me realize how looking forward to something can be such an important thing.

There is no book out there or anything that can teach you to be happy and to be honest happiness is something way personal that only comes from within. But this is a definite that looking forward to something can surely perk up a boring day.

I wake up every morning not with doubts or regrets, neither with an aim; I just wake up and enjoy each moment. I try finding happiness in everything, maybe it’s a sip of hot coffee early in the morning or maybe a smile passed by a stranger, it can be the fact that my hair are not messy today, it can be anything. Simply by looking forward to such tiny little everyday things I get happy.

There is also a lot going on in life that is not so happy but what would I get by thinking about it unless there is a possible solution so it goes in to the not so important section of my brain. I believe it is up to us to change things and how we see them as. Nothings perfect and can never be but the least we could do is appreciate whatever we’ve got and that’s what I do and would do.

I’m grateful, for all the love that surrounds me; it is what keeps me going.

17 Oct 2012

2:22 pm

Amna Naseem

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