To happy goodbyes and new beginnings


And another year comes to an end, and at times like these people reflect back on to what is, soon going to be what was, and I too look back at how the year was. My year can be described in one word, confusing, yes that it was. I am not much of a decision maker and tend to go with the flow. My heart is the one who just decides suddenly that it wants to jump on a moving train called life and I do so. But this year was filled with decisions, and that confused and pretty much messed up things for me. But being the positive freak I am I said maybe it was meant to be.

In life I like surprises, not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow excites me, because at the end of the day things that happen were meant to happen, yes, definitely what you decide to do can alter them but that’s exactly how they were supposed to happen. But this stupid heart is a heart after all it wants what it doesn’t have, and this is when life becomes utterly confusing and the year 2012 was confusion married to decisions, not a good match I tell you.

When at Indus, life had an aim- to get that degree. Now out of Indus I was brought to a fork on the road at every step I took yeah imagine what a complicated road that is, but I’m glad too through all this confusion, and decisions, I got to know me a bit more better. Though I still don’t know what the coming days bring in to my life, I know me, and that my dear friend can prove to be of greater help in the long run. Knowing yourself is like therapy.

So with lots of prayers in my heart I bid goodbye to another year, and turn my face towards the other that is coming. I pray that this year be full of exciting surprises and things to look forward to. May this year be full of love and compassion and happiness and no I’m not in a fairy tale but yes it doesn’t kill to be hopeful and be positive.

May there be peace on this wonderful planet, and an abundance of humanity and love everywhere.

So let’s just be happy and with a smile bid farewell to 2012 and say a BIG HELLO to 2013.

Love with no expectations, do thing with no regrets, forgive and forget, and last but not the least LET GO….

-Amna Naseem

11.11 am, Monday 31st Dec 2012

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