Let’s Get Lost


If I get a day to sit back and think, I write.

Not much of an analyzer type I tend to do things in instants without giving much thought to them, but then again that’s what makes me who I am. Sometimes the choices people make aren’t always the right ones but then again those choices need to be made to bring them to what they are today. From the beginning that is how things were meant to be hence being grateful, I won’t say is the key but is the solution, it is the answer to all those questions you have in your mind. Being grateful would keep you away from all the miserable thoughts occurring in your mind. When the tides are not in your favor trust me just start counting the blessings and automatically the unfortunate happenings in your life will disappear. And yes my dear friend in order to keep sane for your own good, blind is what you’ve got to be, fooling your heart is the trick you’ve got to learn.

With the world moving at supersonic speed around you and you standing still not knowing where to go from here, it’s okay, relax, take time, don’t be so hard to yourself, happens to all of us, best I won’t say coz no one is perfect.

Life is…how should I put it ….amazing…oh yes it is amazing. We just have to enjoy every bit of it, every bit that comes to us. The pain, the love, the betrayal, the anger, the happiness, the problems, the solutions, the change…we just have to welcome all of it into our lives, because at the end of the day these all are what makes life worth it.

Sometimes lonely is all you want to be

To shut down all the worldly noise

And go in to a world only you could see

Let yourself be lonely, search yourselves. Lose yourself, and then find yourself.

To be lost is confusing but trust me you’ve got to get lost because only then you will be able to find yourself and that feeling is amazing.

I know there is fear, but don’t let that fear control who you are, the fear of not wanting to be with someone because you might lose them, the fear that you will hold on, fear of not knowing how things would be, fear of being lost. You have to at a point let go of this fear, this fear that stops you and you have to get lost. Seek, search, learn, forgive, love and never stop at it.

And no matter what you do in life, always do it with passion.

 Amna Naseem

18th May 2013

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