People and Relationships


Sometimes I think what exactly are relationships? Are they the bonds made by nature through the family we were born into or are they bonds made with strangers for life? At some point or the other every other relationship takes a turn, it evolves because people evolve, no person is the same as they were 5 years back hence no relation remains the same.

Yet what does stay constant is the feeling in your heart for that relationship, a lot of factors alter a relation but what the heart knows remains. Why is it that we hold some people close and others closer? Because we value one over the other, but in this day and age of technology how exactly can someone measure their love or level of relationship?

Well here’s the thing about relationships, you can’t measure them, all you can do is play your part in them, play it with love in your heart, play it without regrets, and play it to the fullest. Love people, love them to the extremes, love them without expectations. Say what’s in your heart, don’t pretend and be who you are with the person who loves you and who you love.

There are so many terms that can be given to a relationship but the ones that make you smile at random times on random days are the ones you should keep close, they are the ones you need in your life. No one is perfect but to love them with the flaws is the deal, to accept them how they are and find the good in them is how a relation stays healthy.

So in this ever changing world, keep the ones who mean something to you close because letting go of those people is not an option you should have. And those that still choose to go well let them go, maybe that’s what you both need, maybe at that time at that moment that is the best that can be.

No one can define a relationship for you, relationships are experiences and everyone has their own story to tell. So let’s appreciate the people who are a part of our life’s, the people who crossed our path for a brief moment yet taught us something, the people who left cause they taught us to value those that didn’t and the people who are always there no matter what.

Love you all because you know who you are ❤ and thank you for being an important valuable cherish able part of my beautiful life. I hope every single one of you remains a part of my life, a part of me till the very end.

Amna Naseem

4th May 2014


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