Has anyone of you be so over whelmed with feelings that when you try describing it nothing comes to your mind. A feeling so out of this world that words are less to describe it, a feeling so sad that it might just break your heart to even pen it down, a feeling that you don’t just want to accept.

Such is the impact of what one feels. You want to feel it yet when you try finding words for it you can’t. You feel it till the core of your heart and you can’t decide what it is doing to you, you enjoy the joy and the pain. But wait, write it down will you, write how someone made you feel or how your heart shattered into uncountable pieces. Write how painful it is to know you love someone but they can never be yours, write about how someone you love is far from you, write about this silent night and how the quietness of it is slowly eating you. Write how the thought of being left alone scares the hell out of you. Write how loving someone is so very painful yet rewarding, write about you, write about me.

Say it out loud, just let it all flow out of your heart in to this body of text that breathes as if it were alive. Maybe it is, for those who understand, for those who feel it. Let these words speak for themselves, let them be. Feel them, write them and burn them.

Write till your hands bleed and form a pool on to the paper. Write till this screen is filled with black and white.Write your story, write it all down.

-Amna Naseem


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