I Am Pakistan



I choose this day the 14th of August 2014 on the 68th Birthday of this amazing country called Pakistan to let everyone who asks me why I love Pakistan so much know why i do….

I love it because it has made me more human than I ever was, it has taught me how to live with nothing and yet be content about it, it has shown me that I can have bundles of hope inside me even when there is nothing left to hold on to, it has shown me what pain is (literally), it has made me cry and laugh at the same time…it has made me cherish the smaller things in life that give meaning to it…it has taught me about life….

Yes I know a lot of you must be thinking , what rubbish is she writing…having lived half my life in Dubai how can i be such a partiotic person. Well people that’s how it is, the heart knows who and what it loves and it does just that…love it ! I feel at ease when I land here, my heart feels at home here. And the thought of being anywhere in the world than here makes my heart restless.

I infact am glad that life took a turn and brought me here, because if it didn’t then I wouldn’t be who I am today. Definately this country has made me, broken me yet lifted me again. It is not just an identity to me, it is who I am…I am Pakistan and all of us living in it are too.

I agree with all the stuff going on it is hard to love a country like this but I read somewhere if a light bulb in a home is not working you don’t change the home you change the light bulb…and that is exactly what we all should do. We can’t stuff patriotism in to peoples heart, it has to come from within, hence to the lot who doesn’t get it I am sorry you don’t feel the pain, or the happiness for this country because it is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.

Being patriotic for me has nothing to do with politics, religion, race, cast, culture and so on goes the list. Like how all these things have so much variety so can the the meaning of patriotism which varies for every individual- some just show it on 14th Aug, and some show it with their actions, some with their words, nevertheless all of them show it…even with so many differences we all come together on this day as Pakistanis.

Let’s end the note with this that if life ever takes me away from this country, I will make sure I always do my part in making it a better place. And InshAllah it will become one if each one of us strive to make it better for the future generation of Pakistan.

On this day I pray with all my heart for my country. Because that is what it needs the most.May ALLAH shower His blessings on to the people of Pakistan and may it see success and prosperity in the future. Aameen

Pakistan Zindabad



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