Free Yourself From Yourself !


Have you ever noticed, how we human beings are always complaining about things, about how our day was, about how we feel for someone, how someone made us feel, how our life sucks, how our job is so time consuming, how our boss makes life miserable, well the problem to it all is not in the world, it is in us….and there is only one person to blame for this all…ourselves…

Yes, you read that right. It is us, who is responsible for what life is throwing at us, it is us who is responsible for all the things that happen to us. We are our worst enemy and our best friend ever. We are who we believe we are. We can make us or break us. We are the root to it all.

We need to free ourselves from ourselves. As weird as it may sound but that is the solution that would bring peace to the mind and the heart. We as humans have a tendency to form a view about certain things, people, feelings, places, situations and so on goes the list, the key to being crazy yet sane at the same time is to let go of of all these notions we have about everything in our mind. We have to open our heart and our mind and let all these things escape from it everyday. We have to refresh ourselves to be ready for a new day. We have to learn and unlearn, to love and not love, to be happy and not be happy, to let the feelings repeat and rewind in a new way. This is how life would be exciting and fresh everyday.

We need to learn to let go, so things can come back, we need to forget what didn’t. We need to hate so that we learn to love. We need to balance the negative with the positive to differentiate between the two. We need to be a kid, a grown up, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a brother, a son, a father…thousand other relations everyday. We need to be able to open our hearts so much so as to accommodate what ever is thrown at it.

We need to remind ourselves how strong we are. We need to free ourselves. Free ourselves from the worries, from the negative vibes, from the hurtful words, from the clingy not so good memories…we need to absorb the good and let go of the bad…start doing it from this instant and notice a change. Notice how you are happy each day, how you don’t carry the burdens of yesterday with you to the next day. How you are ready for a new start. How open you are to what comes at you. And how each day becomes an adventure, where you seek to learn, to love, to be who you want to be.

So do it right now, no matter where you are, make sure every night when you go to bed, free yourself from yourself……free yourself from all the expectations you have with yourself, from all the worries, from all the negative, from all the bad vibes, from all the things that burden you….free yourself….

Amna Naseem

26th October 2014


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