The Becoming


As I write this piece of article I ponder over the title for 2 seconds and then I think to myself, why does it even need a title just because it says ‘title’ in that small box.

We as human end up following what we see, what we pick as we grow up, what we have been taught, what we experience, what we learn. But you know where the beauty lies, it lies in unlearning and starting from scratch all over again. It lies in knowing that you know all this yet it seems so alien to you, it lies when your heart and mind don’t agree to something, it lies in commotion, it lies in you evolving as a person. It lies in being lost, feeling broken, remembering, forgetting and learning it all over again.

Some of us start loving the struggle, the struggle of needing to refresh ourselves, hitting rock bottom and emerging from it. Freeing yourself from who you thought you were to who you are becoming.

All of us have felt what I write here today but not many are fortunate enough to realize it. But those who know it, I hope you are sitting there smiling as you read on.

We are the ones who have that little voices in our heads constantly murmuring to us, we are the ones who fight that voice, we are the rebels. We are the ones who create a counter voice, a voice that shines out.

We need to realize that people are like the weather, often unpredictable and different everyday. We need to accept change, because it is but inevitable.

We need to understand ourselves, and be more tolerant, to be more open and not let our true selves drown underneath preconceived notions. We need to listen not only with our ears but with our heart. Listen to our soul, to what it wants, what it strives for. We need to feel everything. And that is how we will become.


2 thoughts on “The Becoming

  1. Wow! We need to listen not only with our ears but our hearts as well. Brilliant!
    I simply love the way you’ve written it all. It has touched my heart deeply. 🙂
    Keep writing, Amna!

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