The Becoming


As I write this piece of article I ponder over the title for 2 seconds and then I think to myself, why does it even need a title just because it says ‘title’ in that small box.

We as human end up following what we see, what we pick as we grow up, what we have been taught, what we experience, what we learn. But you know where the beauty lies, it lies in unlearning and starting from scratch all over again. It lies in knowing that you know all this yet it seems so alien to you, it lies when your heart and mind don’t agree to something, it lies in commotion, it lies in you evolving as a person. It lies in being lost, feeling broken, remembering, forgetting and learning it all over again.

Some of us start loving the struggle, the struggle of needing to refresh ourselves, hitting rock bottom and emerging from it. Freeing yourself from who you thought you were to who you are becoming.

All of us have felt what I write here today but not many are fortunate enough to realize it. But those who know it, I hope you are sitting there smiling as you read on.

We are the ones who have that little voices in our heads constantly murmuring to us, we are the ones who fight that voice, we are the rebels. We are the ones who create a counter voice, a voice that shines out.

We need to realize that people are like the weather, often unpredictable and different everyday. We need to accept change, because it is but inevitable.

We need to understand ourselves, and be more tolerant, to be more open and not let our true selves drown underneath preconceived notions. We need to listen not only with our ears but with our heart. Listen to our soul, to what it wants, what it strives for. We need to feel everything. And that is how we will become.


Free Yourself From Yourself !


Have you ever noticed, how we human beings are always complaining about things, about how our day was, about how we feel for someone, how someone made us feel, how our life sucks, how our job is so time consuming, how our boss makes life miserable, well the problem to it all is not in the world, it is in us….and there is only one person to blame for this all…ourselves…

Yes, you read that right. It is us, who is responsible for what life is throwing at us, it is us who is responsible for all the things that happen to us. We are our worst enemy and our best friend ever. We are who we believe we are. We can make us or break us. We are the root to it all.

We need to free ourselves from ourselves. As weird as it may sound but that is the solution that would bring peace to the mind and the heart. We as humans have a tendency to form a view about certain things, people, feelings, places, situations and so on goes the list, the key to being crazy yet sane at the same time is to let go of of all these notions we have about everything in our mind. We have to open our heart and our mind and let all these things escape from it everyday. We have to refresh ourselves to be ready for a new day. We have to learn and unlearn, to love and not love, to be happy and not be happy, to let the feelings repeat and rewind in a new way. This is how life would be exciting and fresh everyday.

We need to learn to let go, so things can come back, we need to forget what didn’t. We need to hate so that we learn to love. We need to balance the negative with the positive to differentiate between the two. We need to be a kid, a grown up, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a brother, a son, a father…thousand other relations everyday. We need to be able to open our hearts so much so as to accommodate what ever is thrown at it.

We need to remind ourselves how strong we are. We need to free ourselves. Free ourselves from the worries, from the negative vibes, from the hurtful words, from the clingy not so good memories…we need to absorb the good and let go of the bad…start doing it from this instant and notice a change. Notice how you are happy each day, how you don’t carry the burdens of yesterday with you to the next day. How you are ready for a new start. How open you are to what comes at you. And how each day becomes an adventure, where you seek to learn, to love, to be who you want to be.

So do it right now, no matter where you are, make sure every night when you go to bed, free yourself from yourself……free yourself from all the expectations you have with yourself, from all the worries, from all the negative, from all the bad vibes, from all the things that burden you….free yourself….

Amna Naseem

26th October 2014

I Am Pakistan



I choose this day the 14th of August 2014 on the 68th Birthday of this amazing country called Pakistan to let everyone who asks me why I love Pakistan so much know why i do….

I love it because it has made me more human than I ever was, it has taught me how to live with nothing and yet be content about it, it has shown me that I can have bundles of hope inside me even when there is nothing left to hold on to, it has shown me what pain is (literally), it has made me cry and laugh at the same time…it has made me cherish the smaller things in life that give meaning to it…it has taught me about life….

Yes I know a lot of you must be thinking , what rubbish is she writing…having lived half my life in Dubai how can i be such a partiotic person. Well people that’s how it is, the heart knows who and what it loves and it does just that…love it ! I feel at ease when I land here, my heart feels at home here. And the thought of being anywhere in the world than here makes my heart restless.

I infact am glad that life took a turn and brought me here, because if it didn’t then I wouldn’t be who I am today. Definately this country has made me, broken me yet lifted me again. It is not just an identity to me, it is who I am…I am Pakistan and all of us living in it are too.

I agree with all the stuff going on it is hard to love a country like this but I read somewhere if a light bulb in a home is not working you don’t change the home you change the light bulb…and that is exactly what we all should do. We can’t stuff patriotism in to peoples heart, it has to come from within, hence to the lot who doesn’t get it I am sorry you don’t feel the pain, or the happiness for this country because it is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.

Being patriotic for me has nothing to do with politics, religion, race, cast, culture and so on goes the list. Like how all these things have so much variety so can the the meaning of patriotism which varies for every individual- some just show it on 14th Aug, and some show it with their actions, some with their words, nevertheless all of them show it…even with so many differences we all come together on this day as Pakistanis.

Let’s end the note with this that if life ever takes me away from this country, I will make sure I always do my part in making it a better place. And InshAllah it will become one if each one of us strive to make it better for the future generation of Pakistan.

On this day I pray with all my heart for my country. Because that is what it needs the most.May ALLAH shower His blessings on to the people of Pakistan and may it see success and prosperity in the future. Aameen

Pakistan Zindabad




Has anyone of you be so over whelmed with feelings that when you try describing it nothing comes to your mind. A feeling so out of this world that words are less to describe it, a feeling so sad that it might just break your heart to even pen it down, a feeling that you don’t just want to accept.

Such is the impact of what one feels. You want to feel it yet when you try finding words for it you can’t. You feel it till the core of your heart and you can’t decide what it is doing to you, you enjoy the joy and the pain. But wait, write it down will you, write how someone made you feel or how your heart shattered into uncountable pieces. Write how painful it is to know you love someone but they can never be yours, write about how someone you love is far from you, write about this silent night and how the quietness of it is slowly eating you. Write how the thought of being left alone scares the hell out of you. Write how loving someone is so very painful yet rewarding, write about you, write about me.

Say it out loud, just let it all flow out of your heart in to this body of text that breathes as if it were alive. Maybe it is, for those who understand, for those who feel it. Let these words speak for themselves, let them be. Feel them, write them and burn them.

Write till your hands bleed and form a pool on to the paper. Write till this screen is filled with black and white.Write your story, write it all down.

-Amna Naseem

People and Relationships


Sometimes I think what exactly are relationships? Are they the bonds made by nature through the family we were born into or are they bonds made with strangers for life? At some point or the other every other relationship takes a turn, it evolves because people evolve, no person is the same as they were 5 years back hence no relation remains the same.

Yet what does stay constant is the feeling in your heart for that relationship, a lot of factors alter a relation but what the heart knows remains. Why is it that we hold some people close and others closer? Because we value one over the other, but in this day and age of technology how exactly can someone measure their love or level of relationship?

Well here’s the thing about relationships, you can’t measure them, all you can do is play your part in them, play it with love in your heart, play it without regrets, and play it to the fullest. Love people, love them to the extremes, love them without expectations. Say what’s in your heart, don’t pretend and be who you are with the person who loves you and who you love.

There are so many terms that can be given to a relationship but the ones that make you smile at random times on random days are the ones you should keep close, they are the ones you need in your life. No one is perfect but to love them with the flaws is the deal, to accept them how they are and find the good in them is how a relation stays healthy.

So in this ever changing world, keep the ones who mean something to you close because letting go of those people is not an option you should have. And those that still choose to go well let them go, maybe that’s what you both need, maybe at that time at that moment that is the best that can be.

No one can define a relationship for you, relationships are experiences and everyone has their own story to tell. So let’s appreciate the people who are a part of our life’s, the people who crossed our path for a brief moment yet taught us something, the people who left cause they taught us to value those that didn’t and the people who are always there no matter what.

Love you all because you know who you are ❤ and thank you for being an important valuable cherish able part of my beautiful life. I hope every single one of you remains a part of my life, a part of me till the very end.

Amna Naseem

4th May 2014



And here has come the time

For another goodbye

To getting lost and getting high

And to how we almost happened


Kiss me and tell me it’s over

Let there be no more me and you

And let us leave it at this

That how we almost happened


I will be fine, it’s just a matter of time

The summer breeze will bring in another tide

and make me forget

How we almost happened


Pain has become a sweet felicity

A bitter necessity

And a beautiful reminder

Of how we almost happened


Nothing scares me anymore

And letting go was meant to be

I’ve got those fading memories

Of how we almost happened


21st March 2014

2.07 am


Here I am..


I am here but I am also there, I need to be there in order to be here.

Sometimes in life we have to make decisions, decisions that will lead to some consequences. And then it is up to us, we either let that break us or make us.

Six months back I made a decision about returning to Karachi.

Some of us have it easy, we know what we want and we know how to get it. Some of us are still trying to figure it out; trying to find what is it that we really seek.

Life is about situations and how you deal with them, what you do about them. It is about taking risks, being on the edge. It is about doing and choosing that which makes you happy.

Six months down the road and here I am, in a much better mental state than I was. Here I am happy. And at the end of it all that is what matters the most.

We can let go of places, of people they aren’t ours to own in the first place, but you can’t let go of memories, can’t let go of moments, of how you felt at a certain time and who made you feel that way. These things follow us no matter where we are. Let the good ones make you smile,when you are low and the bad ones, be a reminder of how strong you have become, how far you have come.

Do what your heart wants. Stay humble. Give love, lots of it. And let happiness flow through you to someone else, everyone needs it, everyday.

Love. Live. Laugh.

Amna Naseem

1st March 2014

Another Goodbye



Some journeys have to end

So that a new one can begin

Here we go our separate ways, to find what is within


You will always be there with me

As a beautiful memory, as my mentor, as my best friend

The love we share will always be eternal, never will it end.


Keep moving that’s how life is

Let your heart wander, find new dreams

Make the most of now, tomorrow will find a way it seems


In all the fun and laughter

And those moments full of joy

Yet again has come, the time to say goodbye


-Mana Haque

14 June 2013


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